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Rooms Division Management Case Study#3: 10% Total /40 MarksThe Safe Deposit Box That Wasn’t Amanda stood beh... Rooms Division Management Case Study#3: 10% Total /40 Marks “The Safe Deposit Box That Wasn’t

Amanda stood behind the front desk of the Metropolitan, a 376-room upscale hotel, and tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach. It was just her second day on the job, and there was so much to remember! She glanced over at Ron, standing at the other end of the counter. It was comforting to have him working the shift with her—he had worked for the Metropolitan for two years and had been a big help yesterday whenever she got flustered or confused. Her first day was extremely busy because everybody was checking in for the annual Aluminum Siding Trade Show and Convention that started today. In a way, it was good that her first day was so busy, because she hadn't had time to be nervous. But today, most of the hotel's guests were off attending the show at the convention center downtown and the Metropolitan was relatively quiet. Amanda gazed across the opulent lobby at the bank of house phones. A middle-aged woman in a tight, leopard-print jumpsuit was speaking angrily into one of the telephones, her free arm, festooned with gold and black bracelets, waving in the air as she pounded home her points to the unfortunate soul on the other end of the line. At this distance Amanda could faintly hear the clicking of the bracelets but could not make out what the woman was saying. Finally the woman slammed the receiver down in its cradle and started looking frantically around the lobby. When her eyes settled on Amanda, the woman grabbed the gold vinyl suitcase at her feet and strode purposefully toward the front desk. “Oh, please,” thought Amanda, “don't come over here, go talk to Ron!” But the woman stayed on course, and Amanda had plenty of time to take in the big hair, the heavy makeup, and the wounded, self-righteous expression before the woman stopped in front of her and said: "There's something wrong with your phones!" "Ma'am?"

"I can't get through to my husband's room. I kept dialing '326,' but I couldn't get through." Ron stepped in smoothly. "Our house phones no longer connect directly to the guestrooms." "Yeah, yeah, that's what the operator said. That's not very convenient, you know," the woman responded. "We changed our system in order to provide more privacy and security for our guests," Ron continued. "Did the operator reach your husband for you?" "No, she started explaining why dialing '326' wasn't working and I told her what I thought of her new system before I hung up on her." From her training, Amanda remembered that you were never to put callers through to guestrooms if they only asked to be put through to a certain room number. You always had to ask whom the person was calling, so you could confirm that the person knew the guest and was not simply calling rooms at random. Thieves, for example, had been known to call room after room until they found one that was empty, then go ransack the room. "What's your husband's name?" Amanda asked. "We can try to connect you here at the front desk." "Virgil Jones," the woman responded.

Amanda moved to the computer and called up Virgil's reservations record. Yes, a Virgil H. Jones was registered in Room 326. "Mr. Jones checked in to Room 326 yesterday—let me try and reach him for you." Amanda picked up the front desk telephone, dialed, and listened to the phone ring ten times. "Sorry, there's no answer." "That's okay—just give me a key to the room then,” ordered the woman. Immediately a red flag went up for Amanda. New as she was, she was well aware that key control was an extremely important issue at the Metropolitan. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but it's against our policy to give out keys to guests who are not registered. Mr. Jones is...
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