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Classroom Arrangement and Rationale
EDU 320/Classroom Management

Classroom Arrangement and Rationale
Classroom arrangement is the first step to a successful learning environment and the first step to successful classroom management. Once the classroom arrangement is configured, other areas of the classroom can be more easily organized. Classroom arrangement can make or break a teacher’s ability to manage the classroom properly and should support the educator’s way of teaching. Organization and appropriate classroom arrangement will create stability and flow in the classroom, making the learning experience a fun one. Team B has chosen kindergarten through first grade for our classroom arrangement. Team B will discuss the rationale behind the classroom’s arrangement and how it promotes desired student behavior and instruction. The classroom set up works very well for younger grade levels. The classroom has different designated center areas that allow the teacher to work with a small group while the students transition smoothly between independent centers. An open area for students to meet as a whole group is also helpful. Grouping student desks together allows children to learn cooperatively. This room has an open flow, but does not encourage roaming or open "running" style aisles. The teacher, in a sense, has two desks; the teacher can use the small group kidney table as an alternative desk area. Team B has setup this design to impart knowledge in a structured format. This classroom setting will empower students to become confident, secure, and active learners. Each center is design to promote reading, math, social skills and studies, science, technology, collaboration, and listening. Students will need each of these centers to become productive members of society. Students have space to be expressive and creative. The arrangement is to guide students to follow the rules and routine. Therefore, this set up promotes...
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