Room 101 for Everyone

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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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English Creative Assignment: Room 101 For Everyone
First Subject.
Number 09958322
Name: Mary Farquhar

The telescreen has been sending reports on subject 09958322, also identified as Mary Farquhar. Subject has been demonstrating revolutionary behavior and reactions towards the children in her residence. She seems to believe that there is a need for raising them with what she mentions everyday as “love”. Love is one of the first feelings that we’ve abolished since the rule of the Party began. Thought criminals like her are a potential threat to our rule not only because they go against our rules, but also because she is inheriting her rebellious behavior and beliefs to her children. Subject has been seen displaying affection towards both of her children, one male and one female. This is not allowed and it is extremely dangerous for the future and prosperity of the Party. The subject constantly kissed its children, stays with them up to late doing forbidden activities, which she calls “hide and seek”. These activities are creating strong sentimental bonds between the subject and the future potential party members. The weakness of the subject has been identified. We have seen the subject interfere several times at discipline lectures to the children. The woman once stepped between party members and the children in order to defend them from justice, for they had stolen food from a store. When we took the kids away for major discipline lectures, the subject refused and rushed towards one of the security members. During the time where the children were processed, the subject remained disturbed and uneasy at her residence, walking in circles and constantly screaming and crying. Once the children returned, subject cried and embraced the children with her arms strongly once the party agents had retired from the residence. From these observations we can conclude that the fear of the subject lies with their children. Subject is extremely connected to them by...
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