Room 101

Topics: American Cancer Society, Suffering, Cancer Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Room 101 – Oral Assessment

Room 101 is an imaginary place where people have the opportunity to deposit their hates and despair. When I was first told that I could have the opportunity to get rid of absolutely anything in I would like from this world, I immediately thought of school, but then I remembered all the great things that happened here. In this oral or presentation I intend to tell you all about my dislikes and hates, and tell you my reasons for putting these things for a lifetime in room 101.

The first thing I have chosen to put in room 101 is crime. Crime is one of the many reasons why there is even hate, evil and suffering in our world today. Every year someone dies of abuse, murder or similar crimes. We might sit there and think “This has nothing to do with us, and it is not happening to anyone we know or care about, so why should we take action?” Somewhere else around the world, someone is committing a crime, big or small; it will most likely hurt someone. When someone is murdered, their family and many people around them suffer and grieve, because of one selfish person.  We never know how just one action can change or destroy someone’s life. If we decide to stand there and watch crime happening, it will cause a lot of pain and suffering to others. We might just sit there and think, “This doesn’t concern us” but really, it does.  If we don’t take action and help someone else, there will be no one left to take action to help us. As they say, what goes around comes around. Do the right thing. Think about someone besides yourself, and then maybe this world will become a safer place to live in.

The second thing I have chosen to put in room 101 is cancer. There are many diseases out there in this world today but personally I think cancer is one of the worst. The reason why I put cancer in room 101 is because it takes so many people away from us and this horrible disease often gets discovered a little too late, and by then it is extremely...
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