Rooftop Gardening

Topics: Inventory, Variable cost, Fixed cost Pages: 35 (8268 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Mission Statement4
Value Propositions6
Functional Value6
Financial Value7
Intangible Value7
Emotional Value7
Equity Propositions8
Functional Equity8
Financial Equity8
Intangible Equity8
Emotional Equity8
Value Communication Plan9
Market Research9
Current State of Roof Top Gardens in Dhaka City10
Opportunities of Roof Top Garden Business in Dhaka City12
Challenges for Roof Top Gardening Business in Dhaka City:13
Risk Analysis15
Internal Risk15
External Risk16
SWOT Analysis:20
Target Market21
Market Segmentation22
Inventory Management26
Flower sapling Collection line27
Flower Preparation & Processing Line27
Flower sapling receiving and washing27
Sapling storing27
Proper packaging27
Plant Design29
Packaging and labeling29
Value chain:30
Management, organizational structure & HRM31
Porter’s 5 Forces33
Financial Analysis and Investment Proposal35

Executive Summary
Rooftop Gardening is a unique but unexplored content in our country. We have chosen this sector because of the ultimate potential it has for future growth and profitability. Many people in our country badly want free space to breathe freely rather than living in a four-walled cage. Children also lack proper playing grounds causing them to become addicted to computer games, watching TV leading to obesity. Thus, for people having this type of mindset, we have developed our business plan on Rooftop Gardening “Rooftopia”. We believe with this plan, we will able to solve the problems by establishing natural beautification of rooftop through flowers full of fragrance, giving adequate possibility to grow fruits and vegetables and providing a relaxing and refreshing experience for our customers. It gives the elegant feeling of being environmentally cautious and friendly. We run with our hypothesis, “Rooftop Gardening is an environment friendly option that takes advantage of both elegance and unused capacity in many ways”. The process through which we will do our business will definitely provide value-maximizing outcome. Through efficient investment calculation and proposal we are confident that in spite of the uncertainty and threats of doing business, we will thrive towards prosperity and success. We desire to create beauty in unused spaces and underutilized spaces which were never thought before so clerically. Through the positive health effect created by gardening plants, and the re-energizing experience of urban lifestyle serves as a major contributor of our insight discovery. We will also involve in CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities regarding beautification campaigns to boost our familiarity with customers along with the “go green” concept. From, installation to placement, we will emphasize on sustainability of our service through periodic maintenance and proctoring. As our business gets wider, it will also create employment opportunities for people, curtailing unemployment discrepancies to some extent. Our company will improve the aesthetic appearance of the city in a whole, enhancing the view of the landscape on the eminent verge to create a new custom which will differentiate to status and choice of customers by transformation of concrete into life. We expect an internal rate of return (IRR) of 48% and return on investment (ROI) of 58%. Let’s, move into the plan that holds the ultimate frontier for future trend setting and opportunity. Introduction

Rooftop Gardening Ltd. is a partnership business entity. Four shareholders (see appendix A) own the company. Established at Gazipur, just next to Dhaka the main business of the firm is to...
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