Rondell Corp

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What kind of organization is Rondell?

Rondell is an engineering equipment manufacturing company.

What is its structure?

The structure of the company is bureaucratic.

Describe the company.

Bob Rondell started the Rondell Data Corporation in 1939. The company was based on Rondell’s invention of several electrical testing devices, while on staff as an engineering faculty member of a large university. In 1947, the company entered into the radio broadcasting equipment market. By the late 1960’s, the company had increased its business to include data transmission equipment. The company had a reputation of being a source of high quality innovative designs and described itself as being able to “convert problems to solutions” in their sales brochures. By 1978, two major lines were recognized: broadcast equipment and data transmission. Broadcast equipment accounted for 35% of the company sales. Data transmission was also blossoming with increased demand for highly specialized and innovative designs.

How does it work?

Although the company’s president Hunt, often says that the absence of the bureaucratic system was a key factor to recruiting outstanding talent but they are still a bureaucratic operated company. Rondell believes that informal relationships between veterans’ employees are formed and are considered the backbone of the firms’ day-to-day operations.

How are projects completed?

The projects are completed by a check and balance system. Each department has different values the production company values timely schedules, engineering department values designs, planning and innovation and the Sales department values timely service to the customer.

What is it's management style?’

The management style of the Rondell is chaotic because no one follows the chain of command and because it president doesn’t enforce it results n conflict amongst the other departments.

What challenges does it face?

The challenges that...
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