Ronald Reagan and Patriotism

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  • Published : February 7, 2012
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Patriotism: What is it?
Patriotism has been defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as devotion or love for one’s country. According to a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll 72.2% of Americans consider themselves very or extremely patriotic. That same poll found that 94.5% of Americans think of themselves as at least somewhat patriotic. So, most Americans say they are patriotic, but do they fully understand what patriotism even is? Many do not because they do not understand all of the different meanings patriotism has. It has many meanings because everyone expresses it differently. Everyone has opinions, and these opinions determine why each individual person conveys their patriotism the way they do. People have so many ways of expressing their personal patriotism that it has been separated into three categories: devout patriotism, symbolic patriotism, and constructive patriotism.

Devout patriotism applies to a patriot who has absolute loyalty to his or her country. They love their country no matter how wrong or right the decisions that it makes are. Devout patriotism is also called blind patriotism. This applies to devout patriotism because a devout patriot may be blind to the wrong choices their country makes, intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, a blind patriot still continues to support the country. They would say criticism of their country is wrong to do. Military personnel who 2

serve this country do what is asked of them because of their devout patriotism. They take the job-no questions asked! Former President Ronald Reagan was seen by the media as a devout patriot. He was generally popular in the public eye. President Reagan even mentioned patriotism is his farewell speech. His patriotism gave him credibility with the press as a true republican.

When a patriotic person is attached to symbols like the American flag and the bald eagle, they are considered to be a symbolic patriot. Symbolic patriots may wear flags on clothing. They often display...
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