Ron Review

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Movie: The Ron Clark Story
Chapter 2: Education
1.Educational attainment – The number of years of school an individual has completed. •The scene in where Ron Clark pulls Badriyah aside and tells her she could achieve anything. He asks her what she wants to be and she replies that she wants to be a doctor. He gives her words of encouragement to help her achieve a high educational attainment. 2.Educational achievement – How much a student actually learns, measured by mastery of reading, writing and mathematical skills. •At the end of the movie, the entire class had a celebration party and passed out awards, they also received the results of their state exam. One student in particular, Shameika received a perfect score and that demonstrated her drastic improvement in her learning. 3.Humanism – Intellectual tradition that is concerned for the welfare of man; in education, this tradition emphasizes the maximum self-development of the individual learner. •The scene where Ron Clark enters the school for the first time and points out the troubled class. He was adamant to the principal on how he could improve every one of those students and how he wanted too. 4.Progressivism – A movement begun in the United States in the early 1900s in education, this movement emphasized vocational training, “daily-living skills,’ and a “child-centered curriculum.” •When Ron Clark took over the troubled class he realized that they had a lot of discipline issues. He began to make rules and place them on the walls so the students could see them. This was a foundation of their learning progress and success. Abiding by the rules and having a successful curriculum helped the students learn. 5.Open education – Individual instruction in schools, the goal is independent and self-paced learning. •Ron Clark realized a few students were having a tougher time than others. So he took it upon himself to meet up with the students individually so the one on one session would help them...
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