Ron Edens

Topics: Management, Scientific method, Time and motion study Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: March 14, 2012
In 1983 Edens co-founded Electronic Banking System, Inc. (EBS), a direct mail service bureau designed to fulfill the mail receipt and data collection requirements of the direct mail industry. His management philosophies crisscrossed over two distinct theories that stood out in the early 20th century. He used the approach of time and motion philosophies of Frederick Taylor theory of scientific management. His organizational structure and need for control illustrated his Administrative Theory style. Both proved successful. But would this style be acceptable in the 21th century. One would debate

The employees of EBS belonged to a business knows as “lockbox processing”. Edens would make use of the theory of scientific management by increasing the level of specialization. Some sift through envelopes sorting out its contents. Others would then compute the figures while others would enter this information into keyboards. Very simplified and methodical tasks and each employee had to maintain a quota to insure maximum output. Surveillance cameras, computer printouts which tracked key strokes and errors were used as present day application of Taylors’ time and motion studies. By simplifying tasks and keeping close observation would maintain levels of worker productivity. To maintain a high level of output he took this one step further covering windows to prevent distractions and eliminating talking while on the job. While I see no unethical approach to this style would it be acceptable in modern day work environments.

This control system illustrated his use of Administrative Management Theory. Not only did he use surveillance cameras, which he could zoom in and see precisely what an employee was doing. He elevated managers in front of employees to watch their every move. As well as managers that would sit behind employees. A very controlled environment, not unethical but would not bold well today. Edens did create a bureaucracy by establishing...
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