Romulus My Father

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Romulus, My Father Essay Exploring Friendship Essay

The friendship between Romulus and Hora had more influence on Raimond's life than the absence of his mother. Discuss

Romulus, my father, written by Raimond Gaitor is an autobiographical novel exploring the much respected values and morals possessed by Raimond Gaitor's father Romulus as seen by Raimond growing up in rural Australia. Gaitor writes the novel in awe of his father and the steadfast principles he believed in. Throughout the novel it is clear that through both his father's teachings and the teachings of Romulus's closest friend Hora, the influences of both of these men throughout their lifelong friendship become apparent in the life of Raimond Gaitor, whilst the lacklustre maternal influence given by Christine during Raimond's childhood does not play as significant a role on Raimond's life.

Christine, Raimond's mother is continually described as intense during the course of the novel. The intensity of Christine is not only in the description of her physical attributes but in character and her actions. Gaitor describes his mother as possessing a `haunted sadness'. This method of foreshadowing is later revealed as an effort of describing the eventual fall in her state of mind. Christine's mental illness plagued her and rendered her incapable of caring for Raimond. Despite the obvious frustration this would have caused, Raimond does not point blame upon his mother, rather he sees her as being highly misunderstood. Christine was a wild woman that came from middle class Central Europe to rural Australia. In writing of the depression that took over her, Gaitor talks of the landscape of Frogmore. "She could not settle in a dilapidated farmhouse in a landscape that highlighted her isolation." The migrant experience and having to move to the country due to financial difficulties is a reason for Christine's rebellious absence. The lacking motherly influence Raimond suffered as a child...
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