Romulus My Father

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  • Published : May 19, 2009
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“The house shook with their battles” is referring to the parts of Raimond’s life which he thought were the most troubling for him, where there was much conflict. In Romulus My Father there are times which are considered to be the “darker” periods for Raimond and his Father. Poverty and Lack of necessities is one of those things, although there were times when Raimond could not have all that he wanted, he was content with his life and stated so in the book. I believe that Raimond’s life in retrospect was quite a normal life; there were ups and downs, as there are in any typical lifetime. Although his are (arguably) more than what you would see or hear about, they do not change him for the worse.

As the book goes on, Raimond progresses and grows up, not just physically but mentally as well. And these “events” in his life; good or bad, are what made him the person he is today. He always had support from those around him whether it be family members or even his pets which in the book is shown he loves dearly, these memories are part of the process that is his progression from being a child to an adult. When his pet dog Orloff died, it filled him with a great sense of grief as it did to his father, as tragic as this event may be I would not regard it as a negative event in that it completely casts a shadow over his life. It is a normal experience for anyone who would own a pet, and yes it is sad but it does not affect his life in an immensely negative way as argued. One of the larger events that would have affected Raimond’s life is the social conflict between Hora and his Mother; his mother was never there for him throughout the book and had slept around with other men. The lack of discipline that his mother had and the responsibility which she didn’t take made Hora angry for Raimond and so an argument broke out in which Raimond’s mother was forced to leave the house as threats were shouted at her by Hora. Negative as it may be, Raimond not having a real...
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