Romulus My Father

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  • Published : March 1, 2009
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In Romulus my father Raimond Gaita creatively illustrates the impact our culture and upbringing has on our character and how it slowly but ultimately helps form who we eventually become. Gaita demonstrates how our culture and the way we have been brought up can develop our morals to whom which we live our everyday lives he also shows how both these factors, our culture and upbringing help us develop our own sense of belonging and identity. Raimond gives an insight into Romulus's intriguing life through his memories of his loving father , Romulus, the strong virtuous man that was a product of the hardships his upbringing and culture had brought upon him.

Our culture and upbringing is the foundation which helps to mould our building blocks of moral codes to which we live our lives. In Romulus my father it clearly demonstrated that Romulus’s culture and the way he has been brought up has been the baseline to the set of moral codes he lives his life. From an early age Romulus worked hard, before and after school, helping with the harvest and caring for the animals. Meat, sugar, white or brown bread made of good flour were luxuries, sweets or ice-creams were enjoyed once or twice a year. Childhood as we know it, a space apart from the adult world, a life of its own, did not exist .Romulus has been taught that life is nothing but hardship form a very young age he has taken on adult responsibilities however this was life in his part of the world. This was his culture and the way he has been brought up despite it being harsh Romulus didn’t overlook it but grew with it. “His sense of importance of work and of its moral and spiritual requirements was simple and noble. Like him, his work was honest through and though” . Romulus's shows great courage in his early childhood . When he protects his grandfather from being beaten by his drunken uncle, a man who would surely have been a fright to any other young child. Romulus's bravery, risking his own...
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