Romney's Republican National Convention Speech Analysis

Topics: Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican National Convention, Bain Capital Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Our country’s dismal economic crisis is magnifying the attention on both the Republican and Democratic parties’ platforms. This coming election, American’s are given a choice between two different visions for America’s future- hope and change. One stance that both parties have in common, however, is the restoration of America’s world dominance. Mitt Romney (2012 Republican Nominee and former Bain Capital CEO) took the podium during the Republican National Convention with the purpose of creating a sense of a brighter future for America. Romney had established his credibility, or ethos, prior to his Republican nomination by working at Bain Capital as CEO and later retiring from his position to help restore the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Romney became the Governor of Massachusetts shortly thereafter, where he served his term for 4 years. His economic and political background help establish his credibility because Americans want to choose a person who can lead our country out of this economic turmoil.

Although his oratorical skills may not be up to par with those of his Democratic counterpart, Romney delivered an effective speech during the Republican National Convention mainly due to his appeal to a wide audience’s emotions, or pathos. Romney demonstrated humility during the beginning of his speech, as he gave a brief autobiography of his life growing up. Romney mentioned, “My friends did not judge me by what church I attended, but, rather, what sports I followed.” This was a clear representation of religious freedom. Romney wanted Americans to feel secure no matter what religion they practiced or what God they worshipped. He spoke of promise, as well. “Now is the time to restore the promise of America… My promise is to help you and your family”, he declared. These telegraphic sentences educed a sense of patriotism from his audience. In this time of disarray, Americans need to feel this sense of pride to restore their hope and optimism of the future....
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