Romeo &Juliet, Conflict

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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iRomeo and Juliet were written by William Shakespeare. The play is about two star crossed lovers who are born into two different families who have an ancient grudge. This leads to both Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. The play has strong violence and conflict involved in it. Shakespeare uses different types of conflict throughout the play. The Prologue shows that there will be conflict in the play when it mentions, ‘From ancient grudge... Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.’ The word Civil makes me think that people who are not involved in the grudge still suffer pain. This gives you a quick impression of what the play is going to be about. In the first scene, conflict is shown by the Capulet and Montague’s servants. Sampson and Gregory, the Capulet’s servants, bite their thumb at the Montague’s servant, Abraham. The servant’s soon start arguing and Benvolio, Lord Montague’s nephew, quickly steps in to end the verbal conflict that could lead to physical conflict. Benvolio shows that he doesn’t believe in conflict when it isn’t needed from his words, ‘Put up your swords, you know not what you do.’ As Tybalt, Lady Capulet’s nephew gets involved he is then forced into a fight himself. Tybalt shows the first sign that the families hate each other from the quote, ‘Peace! I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.’ The word Hate is repeated quite a few times, this shows me that Shakespeare was trying to demonstrate the fact that Tybalt is an important figure to the theme of conflict. Also, when he says that he hates peace, it makes it seems that he is always looking for a fight, even when one isn’t necessary. Shakespeare clearly shows conflict because before we even get into the play properly, the grudge is already shown by fighting. I think that Shakespeare is trying to show us that conflict is happening constantly, even when it isn’t necessary. During the Capulet’s ball, Tybalt discovers that Romeo, Who is a Montague, is in the Capulet’s House....
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