Romeo & Juliet Alternate Scene

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Scene Writing
BY: Timothy Stevenson

Romeo has just arrived in Mantua after being banished permanently by the Prince because of the death of Tybalt. Tybalt was slain as revenge for the murder of his cousin Mercutio, who Tybalt killed earlier. The earlier events of the play included Romeo falling in love at first sight and Juliet reciprocating his love. The two cannot got public which such love, as they are from rivaling houses that hate each other dearly. Romeo is extremely depressed.


Romeo Montague- son of Sir and Lady Montague, falls in love with Juliet and is banished for the murder of Tybalt

Mercellio- lesser known servant of Romeo, seeks him out to give him information

Rosaline- unseen character in the first 2 Acts makes her first, verbal appearance


Romeo has just settled in Mantua after his night with Juliet, and is sitting on a bench outside of a park, depressed. A bird lands next to him and he studies it.

Fair bird, thou not wary of me? Thou not know who I am? I am Romeo, murderer of kin and Verona exile! I’m a cruel murderer and I long for my own destruction. As the pearl of light has been stripped from me because of these fatal events, you bird should not be around me. You may be slain as well! You’ve ne’er experienced the destruction that occurs around me. Everything beautiful is stripped and dies slowly in my presence like I am intertwined with the eerie death that takes everything wondrous away and makes everything sad. To be near me is to be near everything evil and undesirable. Fallen Tybalt, my kin, eliminated because of the end of the story of great Mercucio. To exact revenge was to be stripped of the illustrious Juliet. Fear me, bird. Fear my very presence.

The bird pecks him on the hand and it begins to bleed. The bird flies away while Romeo stares at the wound the bird has caused.

Thank you bird! I deserve it and more. To walk into war without a weapon to be slain of such heart gripping pain! How about the apothecary gives me 20 gallons of their finest poison, sweet poison that I can engorge myself to be stripped of my love and the light of this cold world. The world is a dark void without her glow to illuminate even the darkest of caverns. The blackest kettle would be turned white by her presence. Her gleam’s name is Juliet, oh full Juliet, your beauty encompasses everything and more. And as fate plays such a cruel game, your shameless game…show your face! Show it so that I can slay you most beautifully! The banishment from sweet Verona is most undesirable. I’d appreciate the sweet vengeance of death than the nagging fault of banishment. To know that admirable Juliet is sealed behind the walls of Verona away from me without me able to anything about it…is agony. This is true agony of a tireless heart.

Romeo interrupts briefly to look at the cloudy sky.

[Enter Mercellio, servant of Romeo]

Romeo, oh fair Romeo! I have most remarkable news! News that’ll alleviate your gloom! Your mood of Juliet has made you an evil character, made you feel less than a man shall ever feel and you continue to drown yourself face first into the waters of sorrow. Art thou is Romeo! Romeo must not tirelessly wane and moan and cry to skies that aren’t listening…

To alleviate anything means that you must mean death! Nothing can revive me from the mood that I’m in. Nothing can wash the pain of not seeing sweet Juliet ever again…nothing foolish servant! What simple boast do you plan to tell me? The only news of Juliet with me will bring me happiest, imprudent one. That’s an impossible task that not even the bravest of men can succeed in. To fall in love and to be stripped of it so cleanly is the inferior destiny of my dismal life. Life is nothing without her. News means nil...
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