Romeo & Juliet

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March 16, 1597.
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William did it again folks. To think the great Will wouldn’t write and direct another play, well we were all wrong because William Shakespeare didn’t only write a piece he also directed his play. This play was about two young teenagers, Romeo and Juliet. Romeos parents and Juliet’s parents have feud with one another so imagine what would happen, if their two teenage children fall in love. I’ll tell what happens NOTHING. Yes that’s right nothing happens yet because these two lovers are smart and they do not want their parents to find out. Therefore, before Romeo fell in love with his princess he has another girl he loved and wished to marry and Romeos parents approved this young girl, she was smart, pretty and definitely not Juliet so they approved and thought Romeo was going to marry young Rosaline. Not only did Romeo have someone to marry but a young man asked Juliet’s father if he could marry his daughter, Juliet’s father told the young man to wait two years so Juliet can grow up and have some experience when she marries young Paris. Romeo meets young Juliet at a ball, the Capulet’s ball. The Capulet’s where Juliet’s family and the Montague where Romeo’s family. The scene where the two lovers meet is known as the balcony scene. In this scene, young Juliet is calling Romeos name, Romeo climbs and they make out and show love to one another. They get to know one another then out of nowhere; the two young lovers plan to get married the next day, shocking right. Romeo and Juliet ask Friar Laurence to marry them he says yes thinking this would break the family’s hatred. The two secretly get married the next day. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt says he seen Romeo at the ball and wishes to duel him. Romeos friend, Mercuito was offended by what was said and took the duel on Romeos behalf. During the duel, Mercutio was badly hurt and passed away on the spot, very very sad scene. Romeo full with guilt and anger went to...
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