Romeo and Juliet Speech

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Good Morning/Afternoon today I am going to be giving reasons why I should be picked as Mercutio in your upcoming production. Romeo and Juliet is a play that appeals firstly because of the timeless story line- a play from the Elizabethan era still widely talked about and interpreted in the 21st century! A key to the attraction of this play is the diversity of characters, from the impulsive and sensitive Romeo, to the angry and stubborn Tybalt. The way that the play can suddenly switch from comedy to tragedy engages the audience. An example of this is in Act 3 Scene 1 where Mercutio and Benvolio are walking in the street; Mercutio is letting his emotions run wild as usual and then Tybalt shows up and the situation soon escalates into a sword fight and Mercutio ends up dying. This is also the first notable tragic thing to happen in the play and leads to Romeo killing Tybalt. Romeo is then expelled from Verona. For myself and many others this is the saddest point of the text because it marks the end of comedy in the play. It is Mercutio’s sense of humour that is a show stealer. This strange yet funny humour is clearly portrayed in Act 1 Scene 4, the scene where Mercutio makes his famous “Queen Mab” speech. This speech reveals many things about Mercutio, firstly that he has a way with words and secondly that while bright and bubbly on the surface deep down he’s angry and depressed. This is another great thing about Mercutio as a character- he has many layers. While Mercutio is not one of the starring characters in terms of the amount of lines he is definitely an audience favourite if only for his funny outbursts. Along with his sense of humour Mercutio also has an explosive nature. I will again use Act 3 Scene 1 as an example, Tybalt makes a few insults directed at Mercutio and Romeo and Mercutio now wants to put his life on the line and anger the Prince over something as minor as a few insults. Though it is hard to tell whether Mercutio was defending himself...
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