Romeo and Juliet Scene

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Rohith Ravindranath 1. Ravindranath Ms. Kaufman Lit/Writ
April 30, 2013

Introduction Paragraph
Society might wonder how one becomes such amazing thinkers. A possible assumption might be: one might become an amazing thinker by being guided into the “right path.” A mentor is a person who guides people. In the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “a trusted counselor or guide” defines what a mentor is. In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet; Throughout the play Friar Laurence characterizes as a mentor . He does the unthinkable incident without parent’s approval, proposing a plan, which leads to deadly consequences and ultimately tries to mend his mistakes by sending an imperative letter, which is unfortunately not received. Friar Laurence does the wrong thing as a mentor by marrying Romeo and Juliet without their parent’s consent, planning Juliet’s death when he knows the risks and offers her the plan anyways, and sending the letter to Romeo instead of taking it himself which causes Romeo to have no knowledge of the Friar’s plan.

Conclusion Paragraph
Faking a young teenager’s death, marrying two lovers without parents approval and sending a letter, which is not received shows throughout the play that Friar Laurence does the wrong thing as a mentor. Friar tries to resolve the two families rivalry by marrying Romeo and Juliet without their parents consent; it exposed how he went against the norm set by society that divided the two families, and showed how he discarded his ethics. In the middle of the story, the Friar risks Juliet’s death indicating that the he couldn’t make reasonable choices/ideas. He tries to mend his mistakes by sending a letter to Romeo, but instead of himself delivering the letter, he gives it to a messenger, which eventually causes Romeo having no knowledge of the Friar's plan and ultimately leads to Romeo’s death. Friar Laurence has influenced these three...
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