Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Who Truly is to Blame?

Choosing between telling the truth and keeping a secret are both hard decisions to make. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, these decisions can make or break a situation. The play is all about secrets kept and truths to be told, which end up causing the death of the star-crossed lovers. The story between the two lovers is that their affection for one another is a secret to each opposing houses. Was the secret worth keeping? As some characters helped disguise the love, others couldn’t keep it a secret. Romeo and Juliet were betrayed by a close friend who made plans that ended up fraudulent to both Romeo & Juliet, when the real job was to keep the love alive. Friar Lawrence is the definite reason for the deaths of the ill-fated lovers.

Friar Lawrence was a helpful attribute to the secreted love affair. As he married Romeo & Juliet, he passionately supported their decision. “You shall not stay alone, till holy church incorporate two in one”(841). Friar gave true evidence to him supporting the marriage. If Friar had not thought he could keep the marriage a secret, why would he have performed the ceremony? If Friar had not supported the secret and prevented the love from occurring, the deaths of the paramours could have been prohibited. Friar Lawrence performing the ceremony just goes to show he did not put in mind what could happen to the safety of Romeo & Juliet.

Friar Lawrence seemed to have a plan for Romeo to return back to his love. “Ascend to her chamber, hence and comfort her. But look thou shalt live till we can find a time to blaze you marriage, reconcile your friends, beg pardon of the prince, and call thee back with twenty hundred thousand times more joy than thou went’st forth in lamination”(863). Briefly, Friar showed his full plan for presenting Romeo & Juliet’s marriage to both the Capulet and Montague houses. In general, Friar should have either never agreed to the marriage or should have...
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