Romeo and Juliet Free Will

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Fate is an idea some people think controls what living things do. That is false unless fate is the author or writer of a book. Everyone is given a chance to just get back on the right track or drift away from the wrong doings. The right thing to do is take that chance. It is rare to become successful or accomplish a great well-being from doing the wrong acts. To get the point across, only the person making the choices and decisions can control their movement. Everything a person does is not decided by fate, but by the individuality of a person and how they portray themselves. In this scenario, Romeo and Juliet are both completely responsible for their acts because they could have turned away from moments that was or were about to happen to them and the fact that these two love birds were impulsive. Romeo and Juliet should not have blamed fate for their actions because they are completely responsible for everything they did. As Romeo quoted, “I fear too early…of untimely death” (I. iv. 106-111). Romeo just predicted the end of his life, and even though Romeo predicted his own death, he kept on going to the Capulet party. “I am fortunes fool” (III. i. 119). Now Romeo is blaming fate for killing Tybalt. Although Tybalt killed Romeo’s dearest friend Mercutio, both of them could have just walked away instead of this bloody mess. For all the bad things that happened to Romeo and Juliet, it is possible that fate did step in, but it is more likely that their actions were uncontrollable due to this love affair. All these events that happened to Romeo and Juliet are clearly their fault. If they walked away, their lives would have been a lot better, yet they did not. Romeo and Juliet should not have been so impulsive because acting before thinking leads to nothing. When these star crossed lovers killed themselves in the tomb; before all of this, Romeo and Juliet could have just run away once they were married. Since Romeo and Juliet were so reckless, they did not think of...
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