Romeo and Juliet: Feud between the Capulets and Montagues

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Bodies slain, tombs filled families distraught; Verona may never know peace again after an old rivalry between two houses of power is reopened. Two star-crossed lovers from two feuding families pay the price of an ancient hatred. The Capulet, Juliet, and the Montague, Romeo, are sworn enemies; however, when they meet they are completely unaware of this. Quickly falling in love, one thing stands in their way of being together, the feud between the Capulets and Montagues. Death follows close behind as the story unfolds to reveal a breath-taking and heart-breaking tragedy of these two young lovers’ deaths. The party responsible for their tragic ends falls upon the feud itself, for without it, there would be no hatred stirred from ignorance between the two families.

The power struggle between the two families in one city is bitter and causes many problems for Romeo and Juliet. Verona was peaceful until this old rivalry was revived which creates a fresh cut in the already deep hatred. Despite their old age, Capulet and Montague were willing to fight when a fray between the two parties sparked. Capulet says, “My sword, I say! Old Montague is come, / And flourishes his blade in spite of me” (1.1.70-71). Having the two families fight over no apparent reason is a sign that logic will not help end their feud. Therefore, when Romeo and Juliet fall in love, they must keep their relationship in the shadows to avoid more fighting. Fights disrupted the silent truce between the families and caused the Prince to create strict rules if another fight occurs. He warns Capulet and Montague that, “If ever you disturb our streets again, / Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace” (1.1.89-90). With this threat, the families are forced to bear each other or face their punishment. Romeo and Juliet’s secret could quickly start a fierce quarrel if Capulet or Montague finds out which makes Romeo and Juliet to sneak around and make choices without their parents’ guidance.

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