Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Romeo & Juliet: Essay

At times in life, due to certain circumstances we are forced to make quick decisions, some of which can result in serious consequences, as in the play Romeo and Juliet. In this story, time shows its value as haste contributes to the tragic outcome of the play as can be seen with the characters Romeo and Juliet, Capulet, and Friar Lawrence who acted on quick decisions.

The initial impression of haste was displayed by Romeo and Juliet, who in the end of the story tragically died by making decisions on the spot. First of all, their marriage was much too quick, for they had only known each other for two days, Sunday (where Romeo first met Juliet in (I iii)) and Monday, before they secretly got married without the approval or consent of Capulet. Secondly, when Juliet was given the potion from Friar Lawrence, it was to last forty-two hours, and she was to take potion on Wednesday so it would last until Thursday. But she did not do this, instead, she took the potion to early, which created confusion and ultimately caused the death of her lover Romeo. Finally, Romeo’s hasty decision to kill himself to become reunited with his love Juliet proved to be fatal. He didn’t wait for any “official news” on the circumstances of Juliet’s supposed death before he proceeded to kill himself right away, and said before he died,

Here’s to my love! O true apothecary,
Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die. (V scene III 119-120).

Along with Romeo and Juliet, Capulet’s hasty decisions also contributed to the tragic outcome of the play. First of all, he arranged the marriage of Paris and Juliet without informing Juliet about it or asking for her approval, and said,

She shall be married to this noble earl. (III scene
IV 21).

Not only did he do that, but he also decided to move the wedding up to Wednesday instead of having it on Thursday as planned. He moved the wedding ahead because of...
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