Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Was Friar Lawrence Responsible for the Tragedy in Romeo and Juliet?
In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the love between Romeo and Juliet was greater than any that ever existed between two children. They were willing to take any action to stay in acquaintance with each other. Friar Lawrence thought of a plan that would enable the exiled Romeo and the trapped Juliet to meet each other again. The plan involved faking Juliet’s death and taking her to Romeo in Mantua by night. Friar Lawrence was responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet because he did not take the proper precautions for the risky plan but carried it out anyway.

Friar Lawrence’s plan involved “killing” Juliet, which was disastrous to her loved ones, especially Romeo. Friar Lawrence told Juliet after Romeo was banished, “You’ll probably be willing to try something like death to solve this shameful problem”. Friar Lawrence was indicating faking her death, which caused her family great sadness and Romeo’s death. The wiser plan would have been to sneak Juliet out of Verona to Mantua, which would not have caused her family’s grief and Romeo’s life. After Romeo was banished he proclaimed, “Tell me, Friar, in what part of my body is my name embedded? Tell me, so I can cut it out of myself”. This shows that Romeo was willing to kill himself on behalf of Juliet. If Romeo would have happened upon Juliet in her “death” state, he would have killed himself, which he did. Friar Lawrence’s plan was flawed; it involved “killing” Juliet, which resulted in the death of the uninformed Romeo.

The reason Romeo was not aware of the plan was Friar Lawrence did not ensure that Romeo received the letter explaining the plan. Lawrence was a friar at the Church, so he held the power to postpone the wedding between Paris and Juliet. By postponing the wedding, Juliet would not appear dead for a few more days. This would have given more time for the letter explaining the plan to be delivered to...
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