Romeo and Juliet Commentary - Act 2

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  • Published : May 22, 2012
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The balcony scene in act two, scene two, also known as one of the most famous scenes in all of literature, Shakespeare shows us how Romeo is an “obsessive lover”, and expresses the love that both Romeo and Juliet feel towards each other. He shows us that Romeo is an obsessive lover since he was just mourning his love towards Rosaline, but he falls in love with Juliet with just one look at her. This passage has an important role in the play, because it is where the obstacles that they will both face begin, and will end in misery. The theme beauty of love is mostly found in this passage, it shows us how Romeo can forget about a person he claims to be in love with so easily with just one look at Juliet. Shakespeare creates a dramatic effect on the audience, as they listen to Romeo expressing his love towards Juliet, “it is my lady; O, it is my love!” they begin to feel the strong connection of their love. He uses romantic words to express how he feels towards Juliet, “A winged messenger of heaven”, Romeo compares her to an angel from heaven who stands over the clouds. Which supports the theme that is found in that specific passage. In this soliloquy, where Romeo expresses his thoughts out loud under the balcony, emphasizes the theme of love, and the setting is considered to be romantic. It is written in a circular narrative since Shakespeare keeps on describing Juliet and her beauty. Shakespeare uses a contrast between lightness and darkness to describe Juliet. He describes her beauty in glowing images of light and heavenly bodies, “it is the East, and Juliet is the sun!” this metaphor shows us how Juliet is a source of brightness in Romeo’s eyes, and he also describes the jealousy the moon feels towards her, which represents the darkness. As Romeo looks into her eyes and falls in love, he compares them to stars in the sky. Imagery has a major role in this passage. Shakespeare uses many metaphors and visual images in his work. As a young lover Romeo cant help but...
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