Romeo and Juliet Business Letter

Topics: Brain, Adolescence, Cerebrum Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: May 23, 2013
1632 Rosalie Square
Verona, Italy 54784
June 6, 1594

Lord Capulet
3798 Aria Court
Verona, Italy 54784

Dear Lord Capulet:

My name is ______ and the reason I am writing to you today is to inform you of the various possibilities to why perhaps Romeo and Juliet were rebellious and made unwise decisions while in love. Throughout the past decade, money has been put into research on the teen brain, and the way it performs its functions during the teenage years of growth. Fortunately to our luck, the world has made many advances in science and technology that we are now able to observe and compare the changes in differences of the adult, children, and teenage brains.

Generally in a normal adult brain, many parts of the brain work together to make choices and decisions to force the body to behave in a certain manner, however, the teenage brain does not function this way (Edmonds). Specifically, the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that makes judgments, creates emotions, and makes decisions, has not been fully developed and will not be until the mid 20’s (Edmonds). This can be one of the many explanations as to why Romeo and Juliet hurried their relationship so quickly and did not hesitate to stop and consider the consequences of their actions. This proposition can also lead to another suggestion about Romeo and Juliet’s behavior. Even though the prefrontal cortex and many other sections of the brain are not fully developed till much later on, the nucleus accumbens is developed rather well during the teenage years (Edmonds). Scientist Molly Edmonds states that the nucleus accumbens in the area of the brain that seeks pleasure or reward (Edmonds). Both Romeo and Juliet knew that there would be horrific consequences due to their decision to get married, but their brain did not recognize the delayed satisfaction, and so Romeo and Juliet carried out their marriage even after knowing the consequences for that little moment of pleasure. Consequently, during...
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