Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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1990’s V.S 1960’s
Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, Romeo and Juliet did after the Capulet party that Romeo (a Montague) snuck into. The Montague’s and Capulet’s have been fighting for ages but no one seems to know why. These two love birds are forbid to see each other but they cant resist. After the party Romeo sneaks back to see Juliet. There are two versions f this classic scene the modern version directed by Baz Buhrmann and the classic version directed by Franco Zeffirelli. They are both true to the story but have many differences that can make or break the story. I think the modern version is more compelling because it has more things that we have in present day which makes Shakespeare fun!

The blocking in the Baz version was magnificent. In this version Romeo climbed up a fence , although in the classic version he did some “parkour” style climbing up a tree and over a wall. When I read the book I pictured what Baz interpreted in the movie. In the modern version the scenery was up to date, I thought it helped me connect to it more. The guard also came in when Romeo and Juliet were in the pool. This added more suspense that Romeo would get caught. Instead of Juliet being on a balcony she actually came down to Romeo’s level via elevator. Overall I like all of the modern twists in Baz’s blocking.

I thought the acting in Baz’s version was so much better. First of all Romeo was played by Leonardo DiCaprio so I can almost stop there, but I wont. In the classic version Romeo and Juliet were way to dramatic when they were talking, it got a little overwhelming after a little while. They talked so loud that the guards would have had to have heard them, it wasn’t realistic in that sense. The body language in Baz’s version was a lot more like it was interpreted in the book. Overall the acting in the classic version was a little over the top for me so I liked the modern version in that aspect.

The scene in Baz’s version was perfect it couldn’t...
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