Romeo and Juliet and Friar Laurence

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Romeo and Juliet
Act Two (study guide)  
Explain the Prologue.
Explain the dramatic irony in this scene. The audience knows what Mercutio does not, that calling on Rosaline’s charms will no longer produce Romeo, who now loves Juliet. ACT TWO - SCENE TWO:
(This is the most famous scene in the entire play.)
1. Fill in the blanks in this paraphrase of Romeo's soliloquy (lines 1-32) Shh! What light is at the window? Juliet shines through the window like the sun rises in the east. Arise, beautiful sun (Juliet) and replace the moon who is jealous because you, her maid (Diana - Virgin moon goddess) are more fair than she. Don't be a servant since the moon is envious of you. Her innocence is sickly, and only a fool would keep it. Oh! It's Juliet! I wish she knew that I love her. She speaks. but says nothing. How strange. She speaks with her eyes. I'll answer her. No, I'd better not since she isn't aware I’m here. Two of the fairest stars in heaven have asked her eyes to twinkle for them while they take care of some business. If her eyes were there, her eyes would make the stars seem dull just as daylight outshines a lamp. Her eyes would shine so brightly that the birds would think it were not night and begin to sing. O' I wish that I could touch her cheek. She speaks. 0 speak again bright angel, for you are as glorious to this night, being over my head (up at the window) as is an angel of heaven is to mortals who look up and see him when he walks on the clouds and sails on the air. [pic]

2. Explain Juliet's soliloquy (lines 33-44) She is talking about how much she wishes Romeo did not belong to the family that is enemies with her family. 3. How is this an example of dramatic irony? The audience knows what Juliet does not – that Romeo is there and hears here. 4. Fill in the blanks in this paraphrase of Juliet's speech (lines 35-106) You know it is dark or you could see me here because you heard me talking about you. If I followed proper...
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