Romeo and Juliet: An Analysis

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  • Published : July 19, 2008
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Romeo and Juliet- Analytical Essay
The story that could have never been,

The melodramatic story which we now recognise as Romeo and Juliet could have been a fairytale romance equipped with a typical happy ending if at different points in the story was changed. However, Romeo and Juliet could have been just any other play if Shakespeare had not made the play have twists that eventually ended in tragedy, which was probably the main reason his plays became famous because of the unique interweaving turning points which made it stand out in that time period of comedies and love stories.

The story’s beginning was a fight between members from the Capulet and Montague household that was ‘bred from an airy word’. The Prince of Verona was severe and declared that ‘lives shall pay’ for the lost of peace when the brawl finished. This has already set the outlook for trouble to follow for there are already potential consequences if restraint is not used. So, Shakespeare has by now just at the beginning has set traps ready for the fall of characters in this play.

The earliest turning point in which this story could have been changed in order for a more pleasant and satisfying ending was at the Capulet masked ball. If only, Romeo had not taken off his mask in the party because he would be recognise as an intruder by Tybalt which will cause Tybalt to seek vengeance since he was embarrassed when his Uncle demanded endurance. So, if Romeo had not taken his mask off and wasn’t recognised by Tybalt in return, would he have met his ‘fair maid’? This is the consequence of changing the play because Shakespeare is only one of few writers in Britain to have written such complex plays on human experience. Thus, although changing parts of the play that would seem to lead to a tragic ending, other pieces along with it has to be changed and would cause a completely different storyline because some events in the play that is crucial to the ending would have never happened.

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