Romeo and Juliet Act Three Study Guide

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Romeo and Juliet
Act Three (study guide)  
(This scene marks the climax of the drama.)
1. Tybalt, still enraged at Romeo's intrusion at the Capulet's ball, is determined to fight, but Romeo refuses. Why? Because he is in love with Juliet.
2. How does Mercutio get involved, and what happens to him? He gets tired of Tybalt insulting Romeo and starts a fight.
3. How does Romeo react to this?
Romeo tries to break up the fight, but Tybalt kills Mercutio and then Romeo kills Tybalt. 4. What decree does the Prince make?
He banishes Romeo from Verona.
5. Explain how this scene serves as the climax or turning point of the drama. (Think of all that has happened between Romeo and Juliet so far.) The forbidden love (because of the family feud) seemed hopeful. Maybe it would end the feud. Instead, the feud has reignited. Romeo is banished. Can their love survive? ACT THREE - SCENE TWO

1. Complete this paraphrase of Juliet's soliloquy (lines 1-31) Hurry up, sun and set so that night will come and Romeo can leap into my bed. Lovers don't need light to make love. If love is blind it best agrees with night. Come on, night, so I can learn to lose the love game. I'll submit to Romeo, and we'll both lose our virginity. Cover my blushing cheeks until I grow bold enough to act out my true love. Come night. Come dark night, and lie with me this night. Give me my Romeo and when I die cut him up into little stars, and he will light the heavens so fine that all the world will be on love with night and not sun. Oh, I have taken the marriage vow, yet I am still a virgin. it's like a child who has new toy, but is not allowed to play with them. 2. Explain the dramatic irony in the beginning of this scene. The audience knows what Juliet does not, that Romeo is the killer, not the killed. 3. How does Juliet react to the nurse's news? She has ambivalent feelings. Tybalt was her cousin so she hates Romeo for killing him. However, she...
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