Romeo and Juliet Act 4

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Read ALL of Act 4 and answer the following in complete, detailed sentences:

A) Compare and contrast the reasons for the visits of Paris and Juliet to Friar Laurence.

B) How does Juliet conduct herself with Paris? What does she say to him?

C) Why do you think Juliet allows Paris to kiss her?

D) Why do you think Shakespeare has Juliet say that she is “past hope, past
cure, past help?”

E) What scheme does the Friar devise to prevent the marriage of Juliet and

F) What other advice might the Friar have given? Give a few options.

G) In Scene 3, Juliet gives a long soliloquy. What doubts and fears does she
have? Be specific and supply quotations as backup.

H) What conflicting emotions does she have? How can you tell?

I) What finally gives her the courage to drink the potion?

J) Describe the scene when Juliet’s parents find her “dead” and how the Friar
tries to console them.

A). Paris and Juliet visit Friar Lawrence to sort out things. Paris maybe goes to Friar to tell him that they will get wed by him, Paris says to Juliet’s grief about Tybalt’s death has made her unstable. He thinks that they should marry soon so they could put an need to this. Juliet goes to Lawrence to solve her problems with Romeo. B). Juliet responds in differently, showing neither defection nor dislike. She’s married to C). She wants to make it look like she really liked him since she was going to fake her death according to the plan. D). Juliet says she will kill herself rather than marry Paris,...
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