Romeo and Juliet

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At the beginning of the story, Mercutio was first introduced with Romeo and Benvolio. Mercutio was trying to be a really nice friend and tries to cheer up Romeo from his past relationships. There were no “end” to Mercutio’s character because he was killed in Act 3 Scene 1. But before he died, he was still very loyal to his friend. Until Act 3, Mercutio has always teased about Rosaline, but when it got to Act 3, he got mad. Mercutio was always a guy that can take jokes and laugh about things but in Act 3 Scene 1, he gets angered and starts to fight with Tybalt. That may also be the key turning point of his character because he just changes how he was always acting. COLOR:

The best color to represent Mercutio is probably red because he is always thinking of protecting or helping his friend. Red can represent fury like how he really wanted to fight Tybalt. Red can also represent the friendship that he has with Romeo and that he doesn’t want Romeo to get hurt. VIRTUES AND VICES:

Mercutio’s quality is his ability to be humorous which is shown in his soliloquy to Romeo and Benvolio in which he shows how he can fool around. Mercutio is also arrogant. For example, when Tybalt comes to fight Romeo for crashing the Capulet masquerade, Tybalt wants to fight Romeo, but he tries talking his way out of it, but Mercutio being the man he is gets back in on things, and shouts, “Oh calm, dishonorable, vile submission! Alla staccato,” and carries it away. The last quality is devotion, Mercutio is Romeo’s best friend. He has been with him in good and bad times. Mercutio gets involved with the fight between what was supposed to be between Romeo and Tybalt, but he steps in because he knows that there was no way Romeo could win. Another account was when he took Romeo to the Capulet ball. Romeo was down about Rosaline, and he felt obligated to help his friend. SYMBOLS:

Sword- A prop that would best suit Mercutio is probably a sword. It is pretty straightforward because you...
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