Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Romeo and Juliet Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Now vs. then, have we really changed at all?

Jacqueline Lawlor explores the connections of Male gender stereotypes in the Elizabethan time of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to that of modern days, by exploring the film ‘John Tucker Must Die.’ Strong, masculine and fearless, these are just a few of the characteristics all men are expected to possess in Elizabethan times. Otherwise they were considered social outcasts in society. Men are seen as the dominant providers for their wives, but in Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet, this stereotype is pushed. Romeo is a loved up, emotional and feeble, sloppy romantic teenage boy. Then again have men of the 21st century really changed from the stereotypical role of men in Elizabethan times. For centuries, generations after generation have been rebelling against olden day ethics. As far as we have modernized since Elizabethan times, has such a simple judgment of gender stereotypes really changed at all? As friar Laurence tells Romeo to quit crying as his “tears are womanish.” In today’s society, much like that of Romeo and Juliet’s, men are seen as ‘weak and feeble’ if they were to do feminine things like showing their emotions or God forbid ‘crying’! “Sorry princess did you break a nail?” This generalises men as not being allowed to have feelings, as quoted from the movie ‘John Tucker Must Die.’ The movie plays with the same typical gender roles as Romeo and Juliet, and the same old love story of two teens falling in love. John is the cliché basketball player. He’s the school Alpha male with a huge ego and toned body, irresistible looks and high status, no girl can resist! Nevertheless when his emotional side comes out after being hurt in a basketball game, he is told, “Don’t be a pansy ass! Get up!” However after falling in love with Kate and realising his chauvinistic ways, John turns out to be a sweet, sensitive guy who just puts on a ‘tough guy’ look around his mates. “You act like a pig so you don’t seem...
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