Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : May 20, 2009
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Romeo and Juliet

Young love, it’s the most lifting feeling in the world. William Shakespeare takes it to the extremes and portrays this love’s theme with tragic effect. In the play Romeo and Juliet, the two destined lovers meet at a party and fall in love at first sight. As the story progresses, tensions rise as their love is forbidden, secretly continued, and fatally ended. The suicidal impulse of Romeo and Juliet displays the fast-paced, obsessive and irrational theme of young love.

Romeo and Juliet display the fast-paced events of young love in this play. This is all begins to unfold at the Capulet’s party when Romeo catches the eye of Juliet on the dance floor. Neither knowing whom the other one is, they begin to dance together. Time quickly passes and they are infatuated with each other as they start to kiss and speak words of love. Romeo is then bid to leave and Juliet is devastated. She is soon told who her masked man is and exclaims, “My only love, sprung from my only hate!” (1.5.154). This shows how Juliet believes that she is already in love with Romeo after knowing him for about and hour. Juliet is not the only one feeling love-struck though. Romeo encounters Friar Laurence, the local priest, in the street and explains to him how he has fallen in love with Juliet. “O, let us hence! I stand on sudden haste”, Romeo exclaims to him. He wants to get married immediately, without thinking of the effects and consequences. Then Juliet’s nurse runs into Romeo and he wants to tell her to deliver the message to Juliet that he wishes to marry her right away. Romeo tells her nurse to tell Juliet, “And there she shall at Friar Laurence’s cell / be shrived and married” (2.4.186-187). These examples show how the two have the idea that they must get married on this whim, thinking of nothing or no one outside their love.

In addition to Romeo and Juliet’s love being fast-paced, it also comes off as obsessive. When Romeo falls in love at first sight at the...
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