Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare was a marvellous play writer and his best play was Romeo and Juliet, in the story he mixed the themes of love and violence. This will show you how and why he did this.

The play is about romance; Shakespeare begins in the most peculiar way for instance, in the beginning of Act 1 Scene 1. Firstly he starts with violence with the houses arguing with each other and trying to resolve with a fight. Gregory bites his thumb (a highly rude gesture to the Montague’s). Then a verbal argument quickly commences, in Shakespeare’s time plays were supposed to have loads of action and thrill. Shakespeare explains all of the information to tell the audience exactly what is going on and when. In the fight he shows all of the Veronese society, from those lowest in rank (the servants). Shakespeare establishes some of the major themes of the play. Shakespeare is very subtle in his stage directions. He always makes sure his audience k now whether its day or night. ‘Is day so young, you struck nine’ sad hours seem long to Romeo. The opening of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is descriptive power, and excitement. The feud between the families gives dramatic life.

Then Gregory and Sampson are having a very rude, humorous discussion (in their discussion they have some wordplay; puns and innuendo). Shakespeare has started with that type of beginning because he thinks that it will drag and appeal to the audience from the start so they’ll stay for the rest. He makes the men boast about their sexual prowess.

The target of their boast is the Montague’s. Shakespeare does this to show how utterly ridiculous the feud has become between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. He presents the violence by making most of the Montague and Capulet princes and villagers act like the only way to resolve arguments is with each other is with “blood to be shed”. They frequently argue until he shows the audience Romeo who likes a Capulet, but he doesn’t know that.

Then he goes to the love parts:
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