Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Brain, Human brain, Adolescence Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Imagine your driving down eleven mile in your brand new Mustang and this careless, reckless teenager is texting and driving and hits your car and wrecks it. You were driving safely with your new car and now because some careless teenager is not taking driving seriously and you have to pay for it. Do you think sixteen year olds are responsible enough to take on the task of driving at that early of an age? Sixteen year olds are too young to take on the responsibly of driving because teens are irresponsible, they're not mature enough, and teens are more likely to drive recklessly.

First teens should not drive because at sixteen they are still irresponsible. They are still immature and not fully developed in their brains. They also aren't use to the big responsibly of taking care and pay for a car. They don't realize that you have to pay for gas, insurance and extras for a car. They will take advantage of the fact that they can drive. Teens may not accept the fact that this is driving and you can injour you and others around you. Driving is one pretty big step at sixteen from nothing to be responsible for to having to take care and pay for a car. Teens also may not take driving as serious as compared to grown adults would. When you get older you have more responsibility, like owning a house, having a sturdy job, and taking care of others. If they take their drivers test later on they may be more serious because they really do need to drive, not just wanting to. The more the person needs or wants something the more they will try their best to succeed.

In addition teenagers brains are not fully matured and grown at the age of sixteen. Teens brains are not fully developed. So if their brains are not fully developed how are they suppose to take on the major task of driving? On average the human brain is not fully developed until between 20 and 25 years old. Around 19 or 20 is a good age to start driving because your brain should be able to pay more attention and...
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