Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and juliet :Act 4

Dramatic irony- words and actions of characters have a different meaning for the reader than the character Soliloquy- charatacter speaks to himself, disregarding/ oblivious to those around him.

Responses: (pg.

1. Paris says that lord capulet wants to move the wedding date to allow Juliet to grieve for tybalt

2. At first, Juliet believes that the only solution other problem is suicide.

3. Friar Laurence devices the following plan for Juliet: a sleeping potion that helps her to appear dead; when she awakens, Romeo will take her to mantua. However, Juliet fears that Romeo will not arrive in time.

4. If the nurse had accompanied Juliet to friar Laurence's Juliet might not have shared her feelings. Friar Laurence might not have suggested such a drastic plan.

*5. Discuss why you might have mo sympathy for one of the following while they express grief over Juliet's death: the capulets, the nurse, or Paris.

6. Dramatic irony examples in act 4: scene 1, lines 24-28; Paris asks Juliet to confess to friar Laurence that she loves him, and Juliet carefully avoids denying it. We know that Juliet loves Romeo, not Paris. Scene 1 line 6 ; Paris thinks that Juliet grieves for tybalt, we know that Juliet cries for Romeo. Scene 2, lines 17-22 and scene 3, lines 1-13. The irony builds tension because readers sense that the unfolding tragedy is unavoidable.

7. Perhaps the lovers parents, the family feud, or fortune itself are the antagonist. Support your answers with examples.

8. The scene needs a moment of comic relief or maybe the humor is too distracting.
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