Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Analytical Essay

In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare shows us that love is a most powerful, complex and dangerous emotion. Discuss.

Romeo and Juliet are the tragic lovers of Shakespeare’s greatest love story Romeo and Juliet. The well-known couple strongly believed in and acted upon the impulse of love, even though it causes their deaths, it confirms that love is a very powerful emotion. Shakespeare carefully writes the story based around both the blinding emotions of love and the hate. Although, love and hate are very similar emotions, the different forms of love depicted in Romeo and Juliet exhibit the complex extremities and danger of love. Love is so powerful, complex and dangerous it is the slowest form of suicide.

Love is so complex that there is no true explanation on what it is or how it affects any person. At first, when Romeo is introduced to the audience, he is portrayed as a sickly infatuated teenager. Romeo describes to Benvolio his description of love which was made of ‘fume of sighs’. Then, he selects his words carefully to emphasise his need for love: ‘What is it else? a madness most discreet, / A chocking gall, and a preserving sweet.’(I.i.187-188) During Capulet’s get together, we meet Juliet who is able to return Romeo’s need of love with her own ‘true-love passion’. The story progresses and their desire for passion evolve into a forbidden love with an immeasurable amount of secrecy, which causes them both to mature and change. With the enmity of the houses and the quantity of unfortunate tragedies, Romeo and Juliet’s love could only become more complex every second.

Romeo and Juliet shared an immoderate love which moved too fast, the flaws in their personalities changed it to a dangerous love. They were desperate for intense passion; which leads them to impulsively make irreversible decisions. Friar Lawrence noticed their flaws and spontaneous decisions and gave them a meaningful simile describing their love: ‘These...
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