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Topics: Classical mechanics, Mass, Acceleration Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: April 18, 2013
To investigate the relationship between the constant force applied on a given mass and the acceleration it produces

Elastic bands
Meter ruler
Ticker tape
Ticker timer
Graph paper

1. Put the brick on the trolley.
2. Line the trolley up on the runway near to the timer.
3. Link trolley near timer on runway to meter ruler by means of an elastic band loop. 4. Push the meter ruler to move trolley, keep the length on the elastic band constant and don’t rest the meter rule on the brick. 5. Practice this a few time. Once mastered than use timer 6. Turn the timer on

7. Hold the trolley and extend the length of elastic band using meter rule 8. Let go off the trolley and move quickly keeping elastic band length constant 9. Turn the timer off at the end of the run

10. Examine the ticker tape and recorded your readings.
11. Repeat procedure with two rubber bands and then three rubber bands 12. Calculate the readings for each run

1. Make sure the runway is clean
2. Check the trolley is working properly
3. Compensate for friction force acting on the trolley
4. To keep the elastic band at a constant lenth and all the bands have the same scale 5. Check the timer connection and if the transformer is functioning 6. Check if the ticker timer impressions had been clear

The conclusion will be as we add more rubber bands the resultant force increased. As the resultant force increased the acceleration increased, therefore showing us that acceleration is directly proportional to force. Also since mass is calculated from the gradient of the force vs acceleration graph it proves that the mass of the object will affect the acceleration of the object. The velocity vs. time graph didn’t begin at zero showing we overcompensated for friction. This conclusion proves Newton`s second law

1. It is necessary to...
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