Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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In this assignment I I will be looking at the way violence and conflict is presented in shakespear’s play romeo and Juliet, dulce et decourum est and the charge of the light brigrade. Romeo and Juliet are the typical and traditional love fuelled couple their love and story were unprecedented and cannot be considered any other ordinary relationship Shakespeare had blatantly portrayed their love as unimaginable and somewhat obsessive. The duo however endured turbulent times as they had to overcome the difficulties they had got themselves into particularly involving their families who despised each other and wanted nothing to do with each other. Shakespeare has described the issues both Romeo and Juliet would face if they embarked on their journey of love. Romeo quoted “is she a Capulet? O dear account! my life is my foe's debt.” “ regardless what circumstances both couples would face they both were willing to do so however the Capulet family if finding out so would truly havoc a rage and war that both families were certainly willing to die for. The story of Romeo and Juliet is surely one that has elements and themes of violence and conflict and this is known to be the pivotal points in the story that the couple certainly get their spark and passion from and what attracts the audience to carry on reading. Both the Montague and Capulet family their rivalry reigns supreme over Verona. Shakespeare has capsulated the violence in the play with fantastic imagery particularly in the dyer parts of the play an example being the death of mercutio someone so close to Romeo that had gave him the ultimatum to also end the life of tybalt.

The imagery in act 3 scene 1 is very powerful and the symbolism is key as to what gave Romeo a motive in committing the crime of killing tybalt. Tybalt is a character driven by anger and rage and will do anything he can to harm any member of the Montague despite mercutio not being a Montague he knew it would hurt Romeo harming him. Tybalt...
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