Romeo and Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet there are only three women's roles: Juliet, Lady Capulet and the delightfully crude Nurse. Each of these three women represent a different type of love.

Juliet represent the innocent, youthful, passionate love. Juliet, usually more logical than Romeo, becomes a bit foolish when she discovers this emotion. Before she met Romeo and was told by her mother that Paris was interest in marrying her, Juliet in her innocence simply said that she would "like to look if looking likely moved", which for a girl her age was a logical anwer in saying she doubted that looking at someone would make her fall in love with them. But, when she finds what she believes is true love with Romeo her youthful, passionate love comes quickly to the surface. With his strong emotion called love, she foolishly marries Romeo within twent-four hours of meeting him, and she does this secretly with the believe or arrogance that all will be well. Only youth and passion could make someone so secure in their arrogance.

Lady Capulet represents a colder side of love. Yes, there are many women like Lady Capulet who love the man's money and social position more than the man himself. When Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Paris's desire to marry Juliet, Lady Capulet is pleased with the match because Paris has gold and an important name in Verona. Whether Lady Capulet is marrying her daughter off to someone she doesn't love is of no importance to Lady Capulet.

The nurse's crude, bawdy comments would have delighted a Elizabethan audience. The nurse, you see, if very much into the "physical" part of love. Many of her jokes are about sex. She enjoys Mercutio's lewd comments and she makes many people uncomfortable in her teasing Juliet about her wedding night. Her contribution to the wedding was arranging the rope ladder for be ready for Romeo to climb up on his wedding night with Juliet.

There are many symbols represented in the male characters in Romeo and Juliet. Love...
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