Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

There are a number of theories as to why Romeo and Juliet take their lives. Most of these theories state that the couple’s selfishness and failure to love caused their demise. These are all possible causes of the tragedy, but there is one that is the definite answer: the pressure of religion and the idea of fulfilling God’s will led to their death. If religion were not a factor then the lovers would not have looked to Friar Lawrence-a man of God-for guidance. The Friar has referred to the couple’s marriage as being given to them by God. The prologue even states that the act which brought the “star-crossed” lovers together was caused by divine providence. Lastly, our very own Romeo and Juliet have stated that their marriage was an act of God. Since God was the being that brought this relationship together, it would only make sense that if one of partners died, the other would subsequently want to join their counterpart in Heaven.

“So smile the heavens upon this holy act”. (II.6.1) The Friar says so himself. God brought Romeo and Juliet together. If it is a fact that God brought the two together, then it would only make sense for them to try and appease God by following his will. On the other hand, if religion was not even a factor in the play they could have done whatever they pleased. Perhaps they wouldn’t have even looked towards Friar Lawrence for guidance, but since the all-seeing eye of God was constantly watching they had to act accordingly. The Friar being a man of God has to carry on the word of God and act as a tool for the all mighty. Often times in the play we find our lovers seeking guidance from Friar Lawrence which only allows him to perpetuate the word of God and discourage our duo even further. Without religion they would not have had to turn to the Friar and could have lived their lives without the constant anxiety of having to please God.

Furthermore, the time and place in which the play is set applies pressure...
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