Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo And Juliet Essay
Romeo And Juliet is based on two crossed star lovers. Meaning there love is forbidden because Romeo and Juliet are from both a different house hold which they are enemys. Romeo is from the Montagues and Juliet is from the Capulet.They both do anything for each other when it come about love for each other. They both rebell on there parents because they love each other so much even though they met in one day. Romeo and his parents relationship is typical they care about there son but it seems like Romeo doesn't really care much for them. When Juliet asks him to "Deny thy father and refuse thy name," Romeo does not hesitate to respond. Romeo respond to her was "Henceforth I shall never be Romeo...My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee."The fact that Romeo is so willing to give up his "good name" is pretty telling of his relationship with his parents.It seems like his mother cares for him more then his father because in the beginning of the play , Lady Montague wants to know where Romeo is, if his cousin Benvolio has seen him that day. Juliet and her parents relationship is more about the wealth. Lady Capulet seems to only care about her getting married in a young age to a Prince she barely even knows. It seems like the mother is very distant from Juliet it seems to be that the mother figure is the Nurse rather then Lady Capulet. Her father is more interested in seeing that she marries well and soon rather than her personal happiness. Capulet tells Paris that although she is "free to choose" who ever she wants to marry he most approve first. In the play her father get angry at her when she tells him she refuses to marry Paris. Capulet told her to get marry or she will be drag to the chapel to get marry or will be kick out the house and never see her parents again. Juliet relationship with her father seems to change right after Tybalt death. In my opinion this is not modern day teenage love. Why would Juliet...
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