Romeo and Juliet

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Capulet's Orchard Rewrite

By: Marina Bekhit and Raheem Ikharo

[Enter Romeo]

ROMEO: Scarred but not hurt.
[Juliet appears above at a window]
[ASIDE] Juliet, my lady! You are my love. Your eyes shine so bright and beautiful. While your cheeks glow and get as red as a rose. I want you to be the glove that warms my hands. I want to lay my hand right on your cheek.

JULIET: [ASIDE] Oh Romeo, my love Romeo, why must you be a Montague? My wonderful, handsome, Romeo. Despite you being a Montague, you still amaze me with your smile and personality. I know I just met you, but I cant stop thinking of you.

ROMEO: [ASIDE] Should I continue to listen to her, or start speaking myself?

JULIET: By name, you are my enemy. But what is a name? It is just a label. It does not change who you really are! For a rose is still a rose whether you call it a rose or a piece of garbage. It will still smell as sweet and look as beautiful. So Romeo, forget the names for they do not matter.

ROMEO: I will take your word. Call me your love, and I will no longer be Romeo.

JULIET: How did you get here and why did you come?! For the orchard walls are very high and hard to climb. And if anyone sees you, they will kill you.

ROMEO: When you are in love, everything is possible. I've used my wings to fly over the wall. Your family won't stop me from seeing you. Nothing can stop love.

JULIET: But if they see you, they will kill you.
ROMEO: If you love me, then let them find me here. I'd rather die fro mtheir hate than from waiting for you to love me.

JULIET: How did you find me here?

ROMEO: My love for you guided me.

JULIET: IF it wasn't so dark right now, you would see me blushing. Do you love me, Romeo? I know you will say yes; and I will take your word. But don't lie to me. If you do love me, then prove it. For if you think you already got me, you are mistaken. Don't think that I am quickly won. Show me that you love me.

ROMEO: How can I show you that my...
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