Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Crips, Gang, Bloods Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: December 2, 2012
As opposed to the original play Romeo and Juliet, our group’s re-creation of the (III, i) has various changes in order to make this a modernization of the scene. Various aspects such as character, setting, and theme have been changed in order to make this play more appealing and insightful to a modern audience, accomplished equally by all members. First, the names and roles of the characters were changed. Other than Romeo, characters such as Mercutio, Benvolio, and Tybalt, had their names changed to Mark, Ben, and Tyb respectively, in order to give a modern touch to their characters. These characters also speak with profane words, and modern slang, for the purpose of portraying the modern day vernacular or ‘’street talk’’. Another significant change in roles was Prince, who is depicted as Sheriff in our modernization. Both characters still have the role of enforcing the city’s laws, but their position in society has changed from one era to another. To conclude, these are some of the changes made to the characters in order to make the play seem more ‘’up to date’’. Next, the setting has been changed in order to suit modern and younger audiences. As supposed to Verona, a town in Italy, we changed the location to Los Angeles, which is a city known for having a great deal of crime and gang violence, making it the perfect setting for a city brawl. In modern society, Los Angeles is also better known, in contrary to Verona. In conclusion, the change of location makes the scene easier to understand. The theme of the play ties in all the aspects given before, to make an understandable modernization of the scene. As supposed to the Capulets and the Montagues, we used modern day gangs such as the Crips and Bloods, who have very serious feuds between them. This also ties in with the setting of Los Angeles, which is the main location of these gangs. To better portray the theme of the gang violence in Los Angeles, the Crips are identified by...
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