Romeo and Juliet's Love

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Romeo and Juliet’s love was doomed from the start.
Juliet’s lust for power ( That's a very interesting idea. I only thought she had the boy-girl kind of lust. ) was destined to destroy her relations with Romeo.  Capulet forces (betroths) Juliet to marry Count Paris, a man she does not love.  When she refuses to marry him, Capulet threatens his daughter and says, “…get thee to church o' Thursday, or never after look me in the face”. This causes Juliet to take her own actions against his (her?)  father’s will. She does not want to marry Paris and so she begins to manipulate those close to her in order to get what she wants. To Friar Lawrence she says to him, “I long to die if what thous speakest speak not of remedy”. However by doing so she starts a cascade of events that in turn bring (result in) to her downfall (and Romeo's death.) with Romeo dead. Fate contributed to the final outcome between Romeo and Juliet. Banishment and failure go hand-in-hand.  The friends and relatives of Romeo are one day confronted by the Capulets, followed by Romeo afterwards. The two groups begin a dispute which leads to the death of Mercutio, and when Romeo sees this, he kills Tybalt, the killer of Mercutio.  This causes the Prince to take more serious actions as he says “…for that offence immediately we do exile him hence”. This refers to his decision of banishing Romeo for his actions. As a consequence of this, the distance and communication between Romeo and Juliet increase, resulting in more problems. The inability to assess each other's emotions and successfully communicate with each other becomes an increasing problem as time proceeds for Romeo and Juliet. This is shown when Romeo does not receive Friar Lawrence’s plans due the fault of a messenger and the priest’s unawareness of this. Balthasar tells Romeo, “Her body sleeps in Capel's monument…”, both unaware of Friar Lawrence’s letter. The destiny of Romeo as well as Juliet was determined from their first meeting. So do you...
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