Romeo and Juleit Essay

Topics: William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespearean tragedy Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Some people think that the play, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, should not be taught in school. Others think that it should. In my opinion, this great story should be taught in school. It has so much potential to teach students about great pieces of literature. A story about two lovers that cannot love – such an interesting classic to read. “..It is founded on an idle passion between a boy and a girl, who have scarcely seen and can have but little sympathy or rational esteem for one another, who have had no experience of the good or ills of life and whose raptures or despair must be therefore equally groundless and fantastical” (Hazlitt 33). It has a lot of vocab in it, which will help students enhance their vocab skills, it will stretch students’ reading areas because when people read it, they have a harder time than normal to read, and it will help people understand other hard pieces of writing later on in life. The story of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, an overall great story, should be read in school because it helps step students out of their comfort zone and it helps to understand more complex pieces of literature in life.

Romeo and Juliet help people comprehend more complex things in life. The language of Old English, a harder language to understand than modern-day English, makes people work harder to figure out what it means. Doing this will help people understand the harder papers, essays, and books they read later on in their lives. So, if people ever read more challenging texts than Romeo and Juliet, they will prepare them to take on the challenge. Also, with the tough vocabulary that occurs throughout the story, it helps enhance students’ vocabulary usage from using mono-syllable words to tri-syllable words. “Tempering extremities with extreme sweet” (Shakespeare II. prologue 14). This sentence, filled with difficult words, shows how great this story can help people strengthen their vocabulary. This also...
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