Romea and Juliet Comparison

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet, William Shakespeare Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Jessica Simmons
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R&J Compare paper
Romeo and Juliet Comparison Essay
In today’s world a lot of things can resemble something from the past, like songs, paintings, books, ext. But what about the famous play Romeo and Juliet? Can anything refer to that? Many songs are telling the story of the two lovers but with a modern day twist. For example the song “Check yes Juliet” by We the Kings is a great example. In this song, just like the play; Romeo and Juliet will be torn apart if they get caught. They are running away without anyone knowing, and they will be together forever. In this song, if the two lovers are caught together they will be torn apart and will never be able to see each other again, “they’ll tear us apart/if you give them the chance” (L14-15). We also see a similar part like this in Romeo and Juliet, when they are at the famous balcony scene. Romeo risks his life just to see Juliet before bed, he sneaks into Capulet’s garden and waits outside for Juliet to come and talk to him. If Romeo gets caught he could be executed and then nothing more will ever become of Romeo and Juliet. Another great resemblance between the two is how they are running away without anyone knowing. Like the song says “Just sneak out/ and don’t tell a soul goodbye” (L.25-26). The band during this song is trying to say something along the lines of come outside and we’ll run away and live happily together. In the play the Friar is telling Juliet of his plan to bring them together. “Shall Romeo by my letter know our drift/ and hither shall he come/… he and I/ will watch thy waking/…that very night/ shall Romeo bear the hence to Mantua” (IV, I, 114-117). Soon, all in the end, all that they really want is to be together forever. The song clearly states that they want to be together. “Forever will be/ you and me” (L 19-20). The Lead singer in the song is not going to leave Juliet alone until she comes out side. “I won’t go until you come...
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