Rome vs Han Essay

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Classical Societies: Rome & Han China
In their day, both the Han Chinese Empire and the Roman Empire were very powerful and influential. The ancient civilizations of Rome and Han China shared both similarities and differences in their political and social views. One political difference between classical Rome and Han China is that the Roman Emperors had a senate that they had to deal with, and at times appease. In the beginning, the Assembly had very limited power. They could vote for or suggest laws, but the Senate could block their decisions. The Assembly could vote to declare war, but again, the Senate could override them. The system was much like America’s branches of government today. There was no similar legislative body in China: the Emperors ruled supreme, with no question or argument. Another political difference between the two is that the Han ruled by using only the ruler's ideas and the Romans gathered ideas from the people living in their civilization. This is very important aspect because a lot of present-day societies use this concept, and it shows how influential Rome was to modern times. The Han and the Romans have both contributed to the political aspects that still live on today in modern times. Both political systems were very organized, with a centralized government to rule the people. Another political similarity is that they both fell because of weak leaders and power hungry individuals. The Han practice of concubinage led to much violence and strife in the royal family, causing disunity and internal conflict. Regents often attempted to seize power. Love of money led to the precarious situations of Rome’s later emperors, as soldiers demanded gold for loyalty. In both empires, corruption of government contributed to the bitterness of the common people. One social difference between classical Rome and Han China is that in Roman society, once a slave was freed, they could become a wealthy merchant and forget all about ever being a...
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