Rome vs. Greece

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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Ancient Rome Dominates

Many have argued over whether Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome was more successful. They were both great civilizations located in the Mediterranean area. However, Ancient Rome was more successful. They had a more stable government, they handled conflicted better, and had more control over their colonies.

To begin with, Ancient Rome had a stable form of government. Their government was a republic. Every citizen had the right to vote whether they were Patricians, the wealthy, or Plebeians, the non-wealthy. The goal was to prevent any individual from gaining too much power over others. There were three branches that balanced the government: the Senate, Consuls, and Dictator. The Senate made the laws, the Consuls dealt with foreign issues, and the dictator only ruled when a task needed to be done.

Beside from a stable government, Ancient Rome handled their conflicts with effective strategies. One of their biggest threats was Carthage. At the time, Carthage was very powerful. The battle between the two turned into wars called the Punic Wars. Carthage asked other cities to join them to fight Rome. However, most did not. Rome used a method of chasing Carthage rather than attacking them head on. After awhile, Carthage’s army decreased dramatically. Eventually, Carthage and Rome fought and Carthage lost due to the fact that their general Hannibal used untrained elephants to fight.

Finally, Ancient Rome conquered a lot of land during its time. Rome gained land after fighting Carthage during the Punic War. Rome expanded their borders from present day Frances to the Atlantic Ocean to the Sahara Desert. The colonies Rome has conquered were well accepted into the Roman civilization unlike the Greek.

Therefore, Ancient Rome was a more successful civilization than Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome had a stable government, they handled their conflicts effectively, and they conquered more land. Rome had a balanced government and took care of their...
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