Rome Timeline

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Annotated Timeline
Unit 2
1) 753 B.C.E The city of Rome was founded by Romulus. Who was cast adrift on the Tiber River as a baby and was nursed by a she-wolf. 2) 507 B.C.E. The establishment of the Roman Republic that lasted till 31 B.C.E. It was established by the members of the senatorial class in early Rome. 3) 450 B.C.E. The publication of the laws on the twelve stone tablets. This was made to put pressure on the elite so that they could make political concessions. 4) 264 B.C.E. Rome fought two protracted and bloody war against Carthaginians. This was so they could dominate the commerce of the western Mediterranean. 5) 31 B.C.E. Augustus established the Roman Principate by the dictator in charge. It was created to be able to restore the Republic. 6) 66 C.E. Tensions in Roman Judea erupted into s full-scale revolt. The Roman reconquest of Judea was the Jerusalem based Christians who focused on converting Jews. 7) 235 C.E. The Third Century Crisis was when political, military, and economic problems beset and nearly destroyed the Roman Empire. Which the cause of the frequent change of rulers. 8) 324 C.E. The Constantine transferred the imperial capital from Rome to Byzantine. The city was renamed to Constantinople “City of Constantine”. 9) 392 C.E. Theodosius banned all pagan ceremonies. This was because the emperor before tried to restore the old polytheism as the state cult. 10) 530 C.E. The Roman economy and urban centers were in shambles. The Western Roman Empire has fragmented into a handful of kingdoms under the Germanic rule.
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